Why No Churches in Narnia?

“If Narnia’s so religious, how come you can’t find any churches there?” a writer asks.

Why indeed?

It’s a reasonable question. Given the Christian framework of Narnia, shouldn’t there be a church, or at the very least a praying figure or a hymn singer or two? And no doubt you’re sitting expectantly at the edge of your ergonomic chair for my response. Right?


Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Theatrical Poster, Walden Media

Look at all the anti-Christs waging war on believers . . .

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I tend to see the entire Narnian landscape as a church, the church as it really is in this fallen world. The battle against the forces of darkness doesn’t just rage outside the walls of a church but indeed more so within its walls. Don’t believe me? Look at all the factions. Look at all the divisiveness. Look at all the anti-Christs waging war on believers in the church to make them doubt the veracity of Scripture and the historical figure of Jesus as well as the purity of the gospel. Christ’s promise to return is doubted within the church’s hallowed halls as it was in Narnia even as word spread that Aslan was on the move.

As to why there are no prayers uttered in Narnia?

Well, now you have me stumped.

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