Engineered for Satisfaction

The following is in response to the “World’s Best Widget” Daily Post prompt, which grants me “magical engineering skills,” but not, I’m afraid, much more.

So sally forth, little doggerel, for whatever use you may be!

Engineered for Satisfaction

Step right up, lads and gents,
I have just the widget for you!
No, don’t go away, my ladies fair,
It’s guaranteed to enchant you too!

Just a moment now before I proffer
That which has never been maligned
The sweetness of the thing is its polish
Unassuming but like gold refined.

Can you hear it, my curious compatriots?
Pay attention now and you’ll see
That the widget I have for your consideration
Is one that is absolutely free!

Take heart in the sound of your silence
(Be you a sceptic or one parsimonious)
As it plays in the ears, your quiet lips, I swear,
I’ll guarantee your life to be more harmonious!

Ah, but I see the wiser ones among you
Already possess this mysterious device,
Not a gizmo, but in short supply: this widget
To listen before speaking has no price.

It’s intentionally engineered for satisfaction
This self-employed quality of silence,
Hearing your neighbors before you talk,
You understand the hearts of your friends.


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