Memories and Refrigerator Doors

(An ode of sheer gratitude to a wondrous blank space that invites our creative attention) 

Memories and refrigerator doors
Blank spaces covered with magnetic miasma
Of memories old, up and coming, and new,
Now I want to remember you, each one,
Refrigerator doors of bygone days
And the door I opened just today.

Photo on 4-6-16 at 11.14 AM

Thank you for your blank spaces to scrawl
The tangled graffiti of my charms and memories
In pictures, cards, and handmade doodles
That mean nothing to cold surfaces of steel
But soften the hearts that draw cheer from you
Standing at attention, dutifully holding out
Stories you guard so valiantly.

#DiscoverChallenge: Memory


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