The Tricky Quandary

Say, it’s tricky, quite tricky, isn’t it,
To talk to a squirrel or a rock or a tree
Or a painting by your favorite artist
And believe that somehow it can see
The heart of you that can bleed
And give you all that you desperately need?

Or maybe you talk to the farmer as he hoes
Or the doctor you pay two hundred by the hour
Or your friend who is trying on her clothes
Or the starry-eyed fan who brings you a flower
And say there’s a part of you that’s dying inside
A soul-crushing pain from which you can’t hide.

Would they really understand all that you fear
Can they see who you are behind all the masks
And all the things that you share, will they really hear,
Or will they nod blindly and go on with their tasks?
It’s not really their fault if they cannot see
They’re only human just like you and me.

There’s only one Person who does really know
The “you” that you are more than you comprehend:
He made you and loves you and came down below
When the one holy God became a man.
His name is Jesus: go find Him today
He knows what you need more than you can say.


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