Blind Openings

The Blind Leading the Blind, Galerie Laurent Godin
The Blind Leading the Blind, Galerie Laurent Godin

Open doors, open arms, open conversation
Open thoughts meant to charm
Open-ended questions

Open books, open minds, open indulgent lifestyles
Open stores, open for business
Open-handed welcome

Nothing closed or out of bounds
Everything goes and everything comes
No more walls, no transgressions
Everything’s accepted

Open air, open eyes, open to the killing
Open doctrines, open tolerance, open boundless chaos
Open-hearted people burying their children

Open rage, open hate, open situation
Open debate to stifle debate
Openly underhanded

So freedom goes and tyranny descends
And we all must pay the piper
For decadence leading to miserable ends
Where nothing’s ever open.

DailyPostPrompt: Open

Author: dorahak

The unearned splendor of being means we can always meet on a common plane of gratitude, aiming in conversation, art, and writing towards (as poet George Herbert said) “something understood.”

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