In Truth, It’s Tea

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Frank at Thoughts & Theories has a new Q & A challenge — Truthful Tuesday — and thanks to Di at pensitivity101 for putting me on to it!

    • Do you prefer coffee or tea? (You must pick at least one, even if neither are your favorite beverage.)

Black Tea, but spare me the spice. Any kind of flavoring just ruins it for me.

    • Considering your previous choice, do you prefer it hot or iced?

Always hot, but if I can’t get it that way, I won’t refuse some good old-fashioned Southern iced tea.

    • How do you take it (cream, sugar, honey, black, etc.)?

Cream and sugar, please!

    • What is your earliest memory of drinking coffee?

I had a taste of my Mom’s back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth — just a toddler then, I’m pretty sure — and it freaked me out so badly that I didn’t touch the stuff until I was in college.

  • What is your earliest memory of drinking tea?

As a child. My Mom always served her guests tea with dessert and, naturally, you can’t have one without the other!


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