Wooden Visitors

For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week, it’s “Anything Made of Wood,” to which I’ve added a slight tweak: Visitors on Wood! How else can I show off this motley crew?

Won’t you step into my parlor . . .

Old Log Cabin Steps

There’s nothing as inviting as sun-warmed wood. Just ask Mr. Toad . . .

Toad on Bridge

There’s Ms. Beetle who’s just come for tea and conversation as long as no busy birds are around.

Beetle hoping to escape notice

And Professor Squirrel who, needless to say, having had his fill of nuts and crumpets, relaxes on the porch rail listening to the pleasant strains of his hostess’s voice through the parlor window.

Squirrel Napping

And then the oddest visitors of all arrive! But no matter. There’s room for everyone on sun-warmed wood.

Shadowy Characters

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