Green is the Color of My Stonecrop’s Leaves

Green is the color of my stonecrop’s leaves

And leaves are the petals of its flowers.

The sun on my stonecrop shines fairest

Whilst summer roses fall by and by;

Its rose-bloom leaves gleam like emeralds

With a fire that will never die.

If I give you an emerald rose, dear,

As a promise my love will stay green,

Tell me weathered years will never dim

The love light in your eyes;

Else I shall be like a twice-doomed rose

That falls to the ground and dies.

Dora A. K.

13 thoughts on “Green is the Color of My Stonecrop’s Leaves”

  1. Oh my Dora, this is absolutely spectacular. I can read this again and again. Amazing. I’m proud to be associated with this. The beauty of love and horror 😍 of losing it. It’s nature and fantasy too💛💚

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    1. Aww. Thank you so much, Jude. You are a jewel of a reader and such an encourager. Did I really tick off all the boxes? 🤗Your muse must have moved me. 😀💚


  2. Green is my color. Once I did grow succulents… but I over watered them.
    I had a relative who was a ‘rose whisperer’… I didn’t get that ‘gene’.
    Cheers, Jules


      1. I have good windows for African Violets… they take special soil though. I started with plants that had leaves only about a thumb nail in size (about 3/4″ diameter) and now one plant has leaves about 3″ diameter. And they Violets bloom every month of the year. 🌺 (mine are actually purple flowers)

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