A Nonet to “Baby Yoda”

Jude’s Saturday Symphony 9-19-2020

“Mythical Creatures”

Born to be
A myth of long-
Gevity, but you
Recognize in me more
Than a curiosity
A gravitar of hope and peace
Beyond worldly mediocrity.

“Baby Yoda,” aka “The Child,” on episode four of “The Mandalorian”
What's a nonet? This one's written in its syllabic reverse.

10 thoughts on “A Nonet to “Baby Yoda””

      1. You said, Dora! 😅 I bet the Mandalorian or Baby Yoda was far interesting and the likes of the Solo movie. If only they incorporated elements of the TV series to the 9th Episode like the now grown (Baby) Yoda helping Rey. But of course, it will be a spoiler for the series. Waiting for the 30th of next month.

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