Not While I’m Eating

Please no histrionics at the dinner table
Wait till we’re on a flight to Tahiti
Maybe the opera house in Sydney,
The Tower of London with Yeoman Warders,
On River Street in Savannah, Georgia,
Somewhere in Portland or Philadelphia,
Just wait till I finish my dinner in peace.

Sammi's Weekend Writing Prompt #181
word prompt: "histrionics"; word limit: 48

9 thoughts on “Not While I’m Eating”

    1. Dear Rochelle,

      I’m not sure but it often is when it ought to be the one place where we rejoice to break bread with one another and acknowledge our Maker’s blessings to us.

      Thank you for reading, friend.

      Aleichem shalom,

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  1. There is something about family gatherings around a table that can bring out the best or worst!
    Great take… when’s the plane leaving for Tahiti? I’m packed and ready!

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