Oracle: Henry I’s Daughter Speaks

Oracle: Henry I’s Daughter Speaks

A daughter born on the wrong side of the blanket
given to a Count in marriage
a political alliance for my father
who gave my daughters away as hostages
and another king’s son held as bond
in my hands: my hands! O servants of the air!
Promptly did I have his eyes put out.
As promptly did Henry allow my daughters’
eyes blinded, their noses cut off as revenge –
Do you wonder? So power-hungry progenitors
bequeath the sacrifice of the innocent
to this day.

Henry I was king of England from c. 1100– 1 December 1135. Historian Charles Spencer describes this brutally cruel event in his book The White Ship

16 thoughts on “Oracle: Henry I’s Daughter Speaks”

    1. I remember Obama’s “kill lists” and drone assassinations. The political establishment just took all this in stride. No inquiries. Nothing. And so it will go till the end of time.


    1. Thanks for reading, Rochelle, in spite of the depravity depicted. I couldn’t get it out of my head once I heard of it. Such histories are a constant reminder of what every human being is capable of given the power.

      Aleichem shalom,

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