First Encounter: A Tale of Terror

Thought I’d see if I could squeeze a few fun writing prompts (see below) into one tale of terror. Thanks Di, Linda, and Michelle!

First Encounter

“That … that … that THING is coming closer!’

Kroot hugged her red scarf tightly and tried to be brave. Beside her Kreet cleared her throat, ready to deliver the speech she had been given by the Grand Penguin himself. Kruff shrank back into her corner, her eyes squeezed shut.

As the Thing’s wet nose came closer, Kreet stepped forward, screwing up her courage to speak.

Suddenly Kruff gave a determined half-bleat and squawked, “Bombshells, wide bombshells, really booty wide, bombshells! Bummer!”

The Thing retreated behind a chair in alarm.

Why did you say that? What did you say? What WAS that?” Kreet squeaked.

“I … I don’t know. I heard the words in the vehicle we came in. The small human chanted them while she squeezed us with her fingertips like we were her toys or a treat or something. I thought the chant might be a friendly warning to the Thing.” Kruff shut her eyes again.

Kreet forbore a sneer. “I have the speech memorized. Just let me handle this.”

“Here comes the THING again,” Kroot warned.

“Okay, here goes ….” Kreet opened her mouth to issue the Great Edict of Peace when the Thing picked her up by her red hat and pulled. She squeaked. Kruff squeaked. Kroot squeaked.

They haven’t stopped squeaking since.

Di's Three Things Challenge #468: "Determined, Sneer, Treat"
Michelle's January 4, 2021 Writing Prompt: "Wide-booty bombshells"
Linda's #JusJoJan Jan. 4th: "Fingertips"

8 thoughts on “First Encounter: A Tale of Terror”

    1. Thanks, Di. 💖 My daughter’s pup! She’s a mix of Yorkie and Chinese crested and we can’t believe her toys are still intact so long after Christmas. Usually she has the squeakers out in a day or two. A terror! 😄


        1. Darling Maggie! I miss her too through your eyes! It’s been almost three years since ours left for heaven. There’s a happy reunion to look forward to, thank God.


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