Not a Mirror

Photo by Drigo Diniz from Pexels

This is not a mirror
Ground silica back-silvered
A labyrinth to unravel your soul
But splintered fragmentation
Of all your expectations
A story to re-glue and emboss.

This is not a mirror
Portal to another world
Left-handed universe
Turnabouts of phantoms
A touch on your shoulder
That welt on your cheek.

This is not a mirror
It is an owl’s feather
A rat’s tail, a torn page
Blood of jilted lover
The sigh of an empress
Dethroned by endless war.

This is not a mirror, a mirror, a mirror.

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35 thoughts on “Not a Mirror”

  1. Four years ago I said people were voting not for the man but for who they wanted him to be. Let us pray that fact has been borne out, and we can see an end to the divisiveness that’s been being force fed to us.

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  2. Well done Dora! I love how you have taken the various ways of seeing one’s self in the mirror. If the mirror could talk, it would be a poet or a book writer! The mirror sees the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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