Love’s Ballad

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Love’s Ballad

Roses he gave her, she took them in her hand
The petals silk warm, still harboring his touch
She knew not where to look, his face was a beacon
A desire of yearning, too bright to stare upon,
So she stared at the roses, their rosy tinge her own.

The years they raced by full of home, hearth, and heaven
Their love knew no bounds and their eyes saw no other
Until the day came when a lone grave boasted roses
One standing alone to see light like a beacon, eclipsed,
And roses ice crusted by death’s wintry dew.

38 thoughts on “Love’s Ballad”

  1. Sad, but “til death do us part” is the end of most love stories – unless, like I believe, there is an eternal in which we can be rejoined. But of course not in the same way. However, the love will remain. Happy ending.

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    1. You’re so right. There is no hope without God’s eternal love. As we lose people we love, it becomes more and more clear, and makes us more and more thankful for our life in Christ Jesus, who has set us on a journey to an eternal kingdom where every tear will be wiped away! Amazing grace!

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