The Only Way


Word Count: 100; Genre: Realism

The Only Way

“You’re in my world now. What do you think of it?”
“Like a fish out of water. Like I stand out in an unpleasant way, like I don’t belong.”
“Does that offend you? Want out?”
“Not really. I mean, it’s not your world I want. It’s you.”
“To know me is to know the world I came from. You understand?”
“I do. But you’re still missing the point. It’s you that makes my idiotic world and yours worth knowing. I couldn’t care less otherwise.”
“So our ‘love covers a multitude of sins’, in both our worlds?”
“It’s the only way.”

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields very kindly invites us to join the Friday Fictioneers in their weekly creative quests of a hundred words or less prompted by a photo.

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37 thoughts on “The Only Way”

  1. What an interesting story! Marriage can work across cultures, when both partners are prepared to make the effort, just as your story says.
    One of my nephews has married a Korean woman. He learned Korean, persuaded her father that a foreigner could make a suitable husband, and now works there as a teacher. They have two little children and are seemingly very happy.
    When I was reading your story it occurred to me that as well as being a love story, it could also be a parable. I’d love to know if that thought was in your mind!

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    1. I always enjoy your comments Penny. Thank you. I think the parabolic quality organically evolved from its lighthearted beginning as the dialogue suddenly took a serious turn. I like the happy ending to your nephew’s love story. I imagine his father-in-law took a lot of winning over. It’s sometimes harder for the older generation of extended family but a devoted couple can change hearts and minds with God’s help.


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