Kant, Kermit, and I

I see you, Kant, you pietist old goat,

thinking to save my faith apart from reason,

old toad, when a frog could have told you

like Kermit did, that phenomena be damned

it’s the noumena that we long for

not what our five senses perceive

but what we’re born knowing

that rainbows begin here but end there

that there are monsters under beds

and angels glowing near us

that what we can’t see is more powerful

than what we do see

that God is good and we’re not

so there’s an infinite gulf between us

only God himself could bridge

and, Kermit, that’s why there’s so many

songs about rainbows.

4 thoughts on “Kant, Kermit, and I”

  1. Now, that is clever. That’s the one bit of theology the Vikings got right. The rainbow bridge, Bifrost, I think it was called. If only they had known what was on the other side. Well, they did once they converted.

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    1. What an interesting connection! I’m imagining Kermit with Viking ancestors and suddenly his choice of Miss Piggy with her Brunhild qualities makes so much sense. 😀


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