Poetics and Wang Wei

Laura at dVerse asks us to reinterpret one of several Chinese poems. I’ve chosen to reimagine “Stopping at Incense Storing Temple” by Wang Wei.

At the Moon Garden

When in the concatenation of bells that toll
I stop at dusty pools of ghost-bearing scents
The rains having come and gone, ashes remain
The acrid smoke of the dead stings my eyes
Choking the young, ridiculing the old
I turn away to the bowers of forest glades
Where You await storing love’s incense
And I like a wanderer home at last
Stand strong in Your warm embrace
Escaping the dragon of the past
To rise with You to eternal joy.

31 thoughts on “Poetics and Wang Wei”

  1. I love the way the ‘ghost-bearing scents’ drift through your reinterpretation, Dora, to become ‘acrid smoke of the dead’ and ‘love’s incense’, and finally become ‘a wanderer home at last … escaping the dragon of the past’. Wonderful!

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  2. A most beautiful reinterpretation 😀 I especially love; “I turn away to the bowers of forest glades
    where You await storing love’s incense.” 💝💝

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