Doldrums of Diku

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

The Doldrums of Diku had arrived at the museum
Silently they stood as we gazed open-mouthed at them.
Gifts from advanced space aliens shouldn’t be met with rebuff
So we studied each stony structure with all the right stuff.
From blue to pink they’d change and then back again
Interstellar modern art of singularly useless distraction.
Then came the day the eggs cracked down the middle
But excitement had waned and no one cared a fiddle
As if the Doldrums of Diku had weighed down our spirits
Till what once would have thrilled, now just bored us to pieces.

genre: fantasy; word count: 99; Rochelle Wisoff-Fields very kindly invites us to join the Friday Fictioneers in their weekly creative quests of a hundred words or less prompted by a photo. Click on the frog and join in!

43 thoughts on “Doldrums of Diku”

  1. True, even in the real world. Things that a decade ago would have sent all of us into a panic, we don’t even notice now. A very very sad testament to humankind it is. Great Writing!

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  2. The seemingly infiniite capacity of the human being to get bored and long for something new. And thereby miss the changing beauty of the familiar. I really like this poem, Dora.

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    1. Dear Rochelle,

      We ARE always looking for the next new thrill or gadget to distract us, aren’t we? Thank you for reading. 🌹

      Aleichem shalom,


  3. So very typical for us to rush from headline to headline, scandal to scandal without thought and reflection and so miss what’s important, what’s behind it all. And so things can hatch in the dark until they can’t be ignored any longer.

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    1. You’re so right, especially your last line about hatching in the dark. Easily distracted, we tend to pay the price at a later date when it’s almost too late. Civilizational brinkmanship is a game we’re always playing.

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  4. I do agree that gifts from superior beings should not be rebuffed. But, since the gift turned out to be anti-climactic, the name is quite appropriate. Though, they shouldn’t relax just yet. It’s like a movie, when the calm comes you shouldn’t relax because something is about to happen. Nicely written story, Dora!

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    1. I have to agree with you, Brenda; this story was written tongue-in-cheek after all as the gift’s name implies..And they could be interstellar Trojan horses! 🙂


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