Hot Pursuit

Somewhere on this busy street the culprit Janus was hiding. The time of the assignation was near. If he didn’t show up with Janus in tow, he knew he was finished.

Suddenly a flash of orange streaked past the fish vendor. Diving through torsos and between legs, arms outstretched, crawling painfully on his knees, he caught the miscreant. The job was done.


He knocked on her door. When it opened, Janus leapt into her arms.

“Oh you darling!” She buried her face in the tabby’s fur. “He wasn’t any trouble, was he?”

Oh no!” he said, handing her the roses.

genre: fiction; word count: 100; Rochelle Wisoff-Fields kindly invites us to join the Friday Fictioneers in their weekly creative quests of a hundred words or less. Photo prompt © Roger Bultot. Click on the frog and join in!

55 thoughts on “Hot Pursuit”

    1. Dear Rochelle,

      Our unsung hero deserved a musical score, something like “Chopsticks” heard from an open window?! 😄 Glad you enjoyed the story!

      Aleichem shalom,


    1. James,
      You mean maybe he let Janus out “accidentally” until it was time to return him?! Haha. Perish the thought! Thank you for the kind comments.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. In my house this week, it’s been the black streak who took a liking to making sure I knew just where the electricians and restoration crew was. She didn’t get in their way, just talked to them.

    Liked by 1 person

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