Not our “Betters”

After an absence of weeks from your midst, my first return post is a rant. Forgive me. I’ve just been reading about the barbaric custom of bacha bazi which is practiced in parts of the Mideast, northwestern Pakistan and most ubiquitously and flagrantly in Afghanistan. As a 2015 New York Times article reported and Tablet magazine reminds us today, during their twenty-year tenure there, our soldiers were told by their “woke” military commanders to disregard the practice among their Afghan “allies” even as it occurred under their very noses. One Special Forces officer was fired for preventing the rape of an Afghani boy. What an amoral, self-serving, dictatorial sham is the leadership in our country and the world! Meanwhile, we pray for the 15,000 Americans who are trapped in Afghanistan right now. May God help them, and the Afghani women and children.~d

Patronized by our inferiors
Elitists compromised by their behaviors
Say don’t you know the bacha bazi
“Dancing” little boys raped by Afghan “allies”
So we could stay spending our dollars
On defense contractors greasing legislators
To turn a blind eye to “indigenous customs”
Children enslaved to cowards
“Allies” rebranded as refugees
To soil the land with fresh blood of their victims
Here in the streets where Harley-Davidsons
Ride on the winds of freedom from oppression.
Let the monsters stay with the warlords of Pakistan
Or Qatar, or UAE with CCP camps of Uyghurs
Don’t let the elitists tell you “better.”


8 thoughts on “Not our “Betters””

  1. Sexual and labor trafficking of all ages are often condoned by governments, if not implicitly, then complicitly. It happens across the globe. It is mala esse (inherently evil.) As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “To passively accept an unjust (i.e. evil) system is to become an active participant in its evil.”

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    1. Hi Lisa,
      Totally abhorrent, which makes the current situation all the more devastating. This isn’t exactly in fiction mode, so I’m taking this down from FF’s inLinkz.

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  2. Yes, so much evil is rampant because nothing is being done and in some cases, those who try to do something are being punished. Let us pray for the people of Afghanistan, especially the women and children.

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    1. Adele,
      Exactly. It’s the tolerance of evil under the guise of “nation-building” for venal purposes that makes it all the more despicable. What was sold to us as a worthy purpose by both political parties was nothing more than a money trough for defense contractors. What an abysmal end to an abysmally evil cause! Joining with you in prayer for the helpless and the innocent.


    1. Gabi,
      Thank you for empathizing and taking the time to read. History proves you right, of course, it’s nothing new. I could have just written, “The horror! The horror!” and said it all.

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      1. True, but it’s also important, I think, to point things out, to scream from the rooftops, when these crimes happen again, even if they happened countless times in the past and there seems no end in sight.

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        1. Wise words with which I heartily agree. 👍 Monsters and monstrous deeds need to be called out, not swept under the rug where they just proliferate. Especially crimes against the most helpless, children and those who have no voice. We should not be silent when we can speak.

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