Letter from the Past

Dear Rochelle and fellow Friday Fictioneers, This is my second stab at writing for this week’s prompt. I guess I must be out of practice: instead of fictioneering I ranted for a hundred words, posted then banished from inlinkz when I realized a piece of fiction it was not. Back to the photo prompt and finding my muse again. :>)

Genre: Fiction; Word count: 100
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Rochelle asks that we use the photo prompt and limit our words to 100 or less. 
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Andrea gripped her husband’s hand tightly as Grace ripped open the letter. It was from her birth mother. The fifteen-year-old had made them promise to give it to Grace when she too reached fifteen.

You were loved every moment I carried you. Just wanted you to know that. There won’t be a moment when I don’t love you.

Sighing, Grace looked up from the blunt, childish scrawl, a smile on her face.

“I believe her. She could have thrown me away like a piece of garbage. Speaking of which, Dad, can we get back to fixing up my motorcycle?”


26 thoughts on “Letter from the Past”

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this to replace your rant. The story makes some of the same points, but far more powerfully. It’s also a lovely story in its own right. You’ve written it with great skill and empathy.

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    1. Gabi,
      Exactly. “For the moment.” Teenage angst can swerve from practical to practically hysterical in a moment. Thanks for your generous comments!


  2. Dear Dora,

    I understand about struggling with the prompt. My muse and I are having a wrestling match lately. She has me questioning myself as a writer. Another story for another time. 😉 I love where you took the prompt. It seems Grace took the note from her birth mother rather well. This seems to be a story that could be fleshed out into something longer.



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