The Load

Genre: Fiction; Word count: 100
Come along and join in with Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.
Rochelle asks that we use the photo prompt (© Sandra Crook) 
and limit our words to 100 or less.

I counted them too, you know: every turn, every curve, every meter. Every pothole, aggravation, near disaster.

For what it’s worth, the load was never the point.

It was where I was going.

My only regret is you were stuck with me for every millimeter of it, and you hated it.

Life was too slow for you.

It was too fast for me.

I had a load to carry: responsibility to those who depended on me.

You were looking for an escape.

I was looking at the journey’s end.

I wish you could know now it was worth it.

27 thoughts on “The Load”

  1. What a sad last line. “I wish you could know now it was worth it.” Even though the writer can clearly see that their partner was responsible for their own life and decisions, there is still that wistfulness. They must have loved them deeply. I hope they had always been able to tell them how much they loved them.
    Penny xx

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  2. Sometimes oil and water can form an emulsion, more often they want to go their seperate ways. And if responsibilities and ‘what’s proper’ doesn’t allow them to go their ways, one or both will suffer. You described that ‘helpless understanding’ so well. I’m glad the narrator feels affirmation for his life in the end.

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