That Funky 70’s Hit

For dVerse Poetics --I couldn't get Lillian's birthday website link to work either, so I simply chose a memorable hit from my childhood.  Grand Funk Railroad's "The Loco-Motion" is the first No. 1 song I remember from my childhood in the 70's. It seemed to be everywhere on the radio all the time. But the song had been recorded first by Little Eva and been No. 1 in the 60's; later in the 80's Kylie Minogue took it to No. 3 on the Billboard. Not bad for a song about a train dance, chug-a-chuga! Click on Mr. Linky to join in!

The 70’s made a lot of commotion
The worst in hair, the worst in fashion
I ran around in patchy jeans and braids
You were cool in long hair and good grades
Then one day the neighborhood was jammin’
People snappin’ fingers and gyratin’
Kids in diapers and granddads in knickers
All fancyin’ the music, ignoring the snickers
“Come on, come on,” “chug-a-chuga,” swinging hips
“Groovy!” “the loco-motion” on everyone’s lips!

27 thoughts on “That Funky 70’s Hit”

      1. LOL I remember them well. I had a pair of platform shoes (and I’m tall!) and a pair of wide-flair bell bottom jeans, which made a very cool-looking footless effect. I do remember everyone had long hair. (Other than when “the shag” was in style.) I like that long hair look on guys.

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        1. The platform shoes were hilarious! Now if you want to see them, look for Lady Gaga :>) Bell-bottoms are back in style now, you know. And remember the cute puff and butterfly sleeves, they’re back too. I think it’s mix-n-match these days and that’s having fun without …. making fun, hee hee.

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  1. So sorry you had trouble with the website. It’s really a fun one….I wonder if you just google My birthday song hits…..and then it will show up and then it might work???
    I do appreciate you adapting here…..many thanks! And oh YES….I remember the Locomotion and dancing to it, I think at my high school sock hops…which would put it in the 60s as #1. Fun poem to go with it here! 🙂

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      1. I think maybe everyone is having a problem because they aren’t checking the country emblem at the left before entering their birth date. It took me a while to discover that, and then it worked for me. I loved your poem, Dora. I remember my daughter in her ragged jeans!

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    1. Rob,
      Thank you. Your poetic talents come from musical roots it seems. Those must have been exciting times: great memories to carry with you. I like your band’s name! Cool. 😀


  2. So when I was 12, I was the only boy in cotillion who actually liked to dance. Still do. I am so old I was in college when Little Eva did the Loco-Motion. We rocked and she was able to do the dance into her “old age,” since, she died at only 59. So enjoyed your work and its reminder of my joy and angst filled college days.

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    1. Tricia,
      I bet you two looked super groovy and adorable! I had a bit more of a share in my fashion choices which, sad to say, were not to my credit. Looking back at the photos makes me cringe, especially the granny glasses I wore! 😬 😂

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