In Praise of Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky in 1872

You see through me,

Dostoevsky, you leave no light

between truth and reality

and a woman’s heart (like a man’s)

lays bared before your demands

that life be lived not in the shadows

but where madness, danger, evil threaten:

and faced, leaves no doubt of allegiance

to the God whose truth is love.

Sanaa at dVerse's Poetics asks that we "dip our toes"
into a panegyric: "Plainly speaking, the term “Panegyric,” 
refers to a poem of effusive praise. 
The genre being Greek in origin is closely related to 
both eulogy and ode. Click on Mr. Linky and join in!

Author: dorahak

The unearned splendor of being means we can always meet on a common plane of gratitude, aiming in conversation, art, or writing towards “something understood.”

24 thoughts on “In Praise of Dostoevsky”

    1. Bjorn,
      I had the same experience in school and college, and never picked up his books until afterwards, same first one, C&P, and kept reading and reading another and another. It’s hard not to bow down before his literary genius.


  1. This is absolutely stellar writing, Dora! 🙂 I love Dostoevsky and his work and feel this to be an epic tribute to him. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt. 💝💝

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    1. Daunting, I know. Have you heard of the famous “Inquisitor’s Tale”? That one’s in The Brothers Karamazov and you might like that as well. But one at a time . . . . :>)


      1. Thank you that’s another added. One at a time is good advise. I am presently reading a book called blood and sugar. It’s a fictional novel aboutthe investigation into the murder of a chap who was against slavery in 1791. Its is grim reading


    1. I’m not Russian but I would gladly become one and learn the language to read him in the original if I had the aptitude and the time! The latest translations by Pevear and Volokhonsky are the best but they’re all good.


  2. I will certainly look up for this work. I so love the ending lines of your poem:

    but where madness, danger, evil threaten:
    and faced, leaves no doubt of allegiance
    to the God whose truth is love.

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