The Bus – Friday Fictioneers

Genre: Realism 
Word count: 99
Come along and join in with Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.
Rochelle asks that we use the photo prompt (© Brenda Cox)
and limit our words to 100 or less. 
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The Bus

Honey Humberg had waited for this day all her life.

She’d worked and saved to build the “Humberg Bus” from scratch, designing, commissioning and assembling it, part by part. She painted it in homage to the DIY hippies that were her inspiration, free thinkers and dreamers all. She would tour Europe showcasing her singing talent and the world would fall at her feet.

In the square, the crowd cheered when the Humberg Bus arrived.

They left when she began singing.

“How much you want for the bus?” a man asked.

“One billion pounds,” she said bitterly, turning away.


49 thoughts on “The Bus – Friday Fictioneers”

  1. What happens when you commoditize/compartialize the ephemeral, free-thinking/free form. Is a billion pounds enough to pay for shattered dreams? I’d take it; so far shattered dreams haven’t earned me a dime. Well done!

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    1. Singing lessons?! What a novel idea, but then her singing would no longer be authentic, with all the rough edges, lack of finesse, hippie-ness and all. Her very SELF is at stake. And they just want her bus! O H D A L E. The irony of it A L L. 😉

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  2. Success requires sustained effort. Honey put all her effort into building a bus; perhaps she should have put more effort into singing if she wanted to be a singer! You, yourself, have clearly put your effort into writing…are you any good at building buses?!

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    1. Exactly. Honey’s problem is a problem of immaturity: the desire to be authentic and unpolished, uncircumscribed by convention, in her case with her musical ability, though ironically she had to follow the conventional rules of engineering and mechanics to build the bus. Unfortunately for her, in the long run folks prefer more than just the raw material!

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