Witches, Warlocks, and Political Consultants (A Duodora)

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels

He’s got no heart
that’s plain for us to see
yet adamantine
chains of our own greed
mocking bind our flesh
permission securing to multiply
lies that his desires ours would circumscribe

She’s got no heart
that we all clearly know
obscure it we must
the voters to con
paid consultants we
diabolical masters creating
sly illusions to blind our client’s tribe

Lisa at dVerse: Poetics -- "Halloweeny Humans" asks us to 
write about a dislikable human trait. 
She also introduces us to a new poetic form, the Duodora, 
which we can choose to use. 
Duodora Form
a quatorzain made up of 2 septets.
syllabic,  4/6/5/5/5/10/10 syllables per line.
rhymed Axxxxxb Axxxxxb L1 is repeated as a refrain that begins the 2nd stanza. x is unrhymed.
Enjoy more at Mr. Linky.

38 thoughts on “Witches, Warlocks, and Political Consultants (A Duodora)”

  1. Dora, your disdain comes through loud and clear in your powerful duodora. They truly are puppetmasters who play to our weakest/strongest desires. Extra candy corns for admirably meeting the challenge!
    chains of our own greed
    mocking bind our flesh”
    “diabolical masters creating
    sly illusions that blind”

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  2. We got extra candy corns! *strut, preen pose* We definitely live in a world where actual truth is trampled beneath agitation and obfuscation, all to the betterment of people who really couldn’t care less about anything but themselves and the acquisition of power. It’s frightening.

    On a happier note, the little dog on your header is such a cutie pie!

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    1. You’re right of course. We’re seeing how frightening it can get in real time. The more freedom we give up w/out a fight, the more they take away. Easier to give up, than get back too.

      That cutie is my buddy who died three years ago. Miss her but she’s in a better place. 🙂❤️


  3. This is exquisitely woven, Dora! 🙂 I especially like; “obscure it we must/ the voters to con/paid consultants we/ diabolical masters creating/sly illusions that blind our client’s tribe.” You rocked the prompt! 💝💝

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  4. Far out! You mastered the form and rocked the prompt. Cheers for dissing politicians. So much of our present chaos is linked directly to their fat butts and greedy ways.

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    1. It’s diabolical. The conniving and self-serving rewarded and the rest mere pawns in a game of power. I wonder if we’ll ever see a real change for the better. Thanks for reading, Christine!

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    1. Ain’t that the truth?!! And who are the real “players” hiding in the shadows, sucking the strength of nations and their peoples? It’s amazing that for the first time in American history one percent of the country owns as much wealth as the entire middle class combined. Can we really trust the current crop of politicians to fix this as the decline of the middle class continues?

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    1. We have allowed ourselves to become just factions and tribes to be manipulated, haven’t we? What a fool’s game that nobody wins! Thanks for reading, Lillian.


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