Lanterns & Goblins (Tanka)

don’t rue the last days

of October’s calendar

when little goblins

seeking candies door-to-door

run, as parent lanterns glow

I remember taking our kids to Halloween parties hosted by people we knew, but only once or twice taking them trick or treating in our neighborhood, always hovering in the background, half-trepidatiously (is that a word?).

For Carrie's The Sunday Muse #184 -Join in!

26 thoughts on “Lanterns & Goblins (Tanka)”

  1. This is so sweet, the thought of those little goblins, and the safety and comfort in their parents’ lanters. Loved it. Ad LOVE your sweet pup on the banner.

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  2. I remember trick or treating door to door in the freezing wind and rain of Chicago with my mother trailing behind like this–very evocative write. My son loved it too,but now the practice seems to be dying out, and we never see the little goblins here. But there was nothing like the thrill of coming home and counting all your loot!

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  3. A lovely tanka. I can hear squeals and laughs along our road this evening as children scamper from door to door. Orange glows from doorways and windows help brighten up a gloomy October night. Happy Halloween!

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  4. What a sweet poem. It takes me back to days when my children were small and our street was flocked with wee little ones and nervous parents!!

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