A Venn Diagram Play

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and limit our words to 100 or less. 
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Genre: Realism
Word Count: 100

A Venn Diagram Play

Mommy plays Lego with me
I’m four and she’s thirty-three
But I make up the games we play
And she does exactly what I say.

We share the firetruck and the fireman
He’s my Daddy and he’s her husband
I get Santa for a party favor on my birthday
She gets a candy for baking a cake so gay.

I get a funny-shaped red Lego piece
And save two for Daddy when he says, “Please.”
The red truck is outside my diagram
It’s for the children killed in Afghanistan
By an unmanned drone, they’re in no one’s Venn.

Don’t cry.

The Pentagon confirmed on November 3, 2021, that after the disastrously chaotic withdrawal of American troops which resulted in billions of dollars of military weaponry, hardware, and aircraft left behind as well as the suicide bombing of thirteen young American soldiers, three days later, it carried out a deadly drone strike that mistakenly killed ten innocent civilians on August 29: three Afghan adults and seven children.

29 thoughts on “A Venn Diagram Play”

      1. Well that was well written. Very good storytelling style, and a really original way of coming into the subject, so so clever. The unmanned drone error and lack of apology dums it all jpas far as I am concerned…the immense failures of intelligence behind the scenes while in the front lines the soldiers paid for it.

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  1. What a powerful piece of writing. Your ending is so poignant, and that addition, ‘Don’t cry’ – wow. You bring us to respond as you intend by telling us not to do it. I think this is an excellent story, Dora.

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    1. That area of the world has been repeatedly ravaged through the centuries. This latest atrocity is all the more chilling done by someone sitting in an armchair operating from a screen. Adults playing “games.”

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  2. Dear Dora,

    In an episode of MASH Hawkeye made one of the most profound statements when he said war in worse than Hell for in Hell there are no innocent bystanders. Powerful piece which as Dale said took a such a sharp turn it gave me whiplash. Well done!



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    1. Dear Rochelle,

      Hawkeye could see right through things and never held back his contempt for the people running wars. They deserve the contempt. Sorry for the whiplash: must be more subtle next time. 🙂

      Shalom u’vracha,

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