Dragons Blue

In caverns of the skies
broken nuts scattered their prize
dawn-bright baby dragons blue
between the fleece-clouds flew
to grab their sun-crowned delight
which storks and eagles’ flight
brought upwards where they grew
and sometimes they even knew
to breathe a warm “thank you”!

image ©dorahak
De Jackson asks us to write a quadrille (44 words) 
using some form of the word "crown"
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44 thoughts on “Dragons Blue”

    1. David,
      How else can they stay camouflaged? Of course their Dads are a very stern red and their Moms change color from moment to moment. Well, what do you expect when they’ve got naughty blue dragons? 💖

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  1. The fantasy side brings firth The Neverending Story feel to me, soft sounds and impeccable timing, a lovely quadrille to read…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As always, Ain you’re too generous for words. Thank you, sir. I love the Neverending Story which my husband and children introduced me to. It kinda grew on me. Each time I re-watch, I like it better. 🙂


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