Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Friday afternoon’s the dead zone
they warned in solemn tones.

Said I, Couldn’t care less,
loathe to confess
I did.

one Friday I gingerly
hit PUBLISH on WordPress —
The silence?

I wonder, has anyone noticed these “dead zones” or is it just me? When is your most popular time when you get the most traffic? WordPress tells me it’s Thursday morning.

9 thoughts on “Wrong Place, Wrong Time”

  1. After blogging for many years, I am still inconsistent because life is always happening (abundantly). I just post when I can. I stop and read when I find your’s because there is always a sense of “deep calling to deep” that I recognize as a characteristic in a fellow listener to the voice of the Door Keeper.


    1. I know what you mean, yes “deep calling to deep” as our Lord’s voice echoes through us by His Spirit. And I react the same way to your posts and a few others. I feel a need for more concentrated activity blogging-wise, being a little stretched out as I interact as much as I can. Life getting in the way and then the need to stay in the Way, and sometimes blogging needs to be set aside as we respond. Not making much sense here, but I think you know what I’m trying ineptly to say. 🙂

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  2. Firstly, what a fine poem, Dora! Love how you finished with the prompt word. And now you’ve got me thinking about the “dead zone”, you know, I have no idea? I really couldn’t say but Friday afternoon makes sense as everyone finishes work and wants to go out and have a drink and let off steam, I suppose!


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