Welcome! What’s the story behind the blog title? you may ask. If you’re curious, I explain here; but the short answer is that the pursuit of joy, true joy, occupies me fully. I hope you enjoy my brief, random musings, usually in response to various writing prompts or as the spirit moves me. For more about myself, be sure and visit my main blog (pilgrimdreams.com).

Thank you for visiting and commenting! Your insights are my reward.



6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dora, I’m planning on adding a few Guest Bloggers, and would love to have you participate. This can be a new piece or a reposting of one you’ve already written and feel strongly about. The only parameter is that it more-or-less fit into my “power of Story” theme. What do you think?

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    1. I’d be honored, Mitch. The “power of story” is what attracted me to your site so I hope I can contribute something that comes close to what you do so naturally and entertainingly. Thank you for thinking of me 😊

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