Day 28: A Life-Changing Film

For SandmanJazz’s 30 Day Film challenge, the prompt today asks for a film that changed your life.

Just ONE movie?


I suppose that’s in the realm of the possible, that one day I could have walked into a movie theater or sat down in front of the TV and after a couple of hours of a really good movie my life was changed. Or a moment of epiphany during the movie after which you’re never the same.

Maybe that’s happened to someone? I don’t know. It hasn’t happened to me.

I do know that movies, like books and paintings and music and plays and arts in general impart something to us, good or bad. But it works incrementally. Not like an avalanche but like the steady fall of snow. It matters what you put before your eyes day after day, month in, month out.

In the end, these things do change your life, for better or worse.

If you inadvertently watch something that breathes darkness and lies, always have on hand a palate cleanser. Something that brings the light back into your eyes and points you home again.

And that’s my non-answer to the prompt. Sorry, Charlie.


In Hollywood They Have Their Millions


In Hollywood they have their millions
The politicians they have their minions
The media they want their slices
Of power and money and fame.
But whatever they hand out
They frankly don’t give a hoot about
You or your dreams or your life.

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