Share Your World/FOTD 9-14-2020

We’re into week six of SYW’s two-parter, with Share Your World meeting the world of Harry Potter and answering Melanie’s muggle-themed queries alongside those of Roger this time with The Half-Blood Prince in mind. Check out everyone’s answers and join in.

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Share Your World 9-7-2020

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

We’re into week five of SYW’s two-parter, with Share Your World meeting the world of Harry Potter. We’re answering Melanie’s muggle-themed queries alongside those of Roger, this time with The Order of the Phoenix in mind. Check out everyone’s answers and join in.

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Share Your World 8-31-2020

We’re into week four of SYW’s two-parter, with Share Your World meeting the world of Harry Potter. We’re answering Melanie’s muggle-themed queries alongside those of Roger, this time invoking The Goblet of Fire. Check out everyone’s answers and join in.

Harry Potter GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

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Share Your World 8-24-2020

We’re into week three of SYW’s two-parter, with Share Your World meeting the world of Harry Potter. We’re answering Melanie’s muggle-themed queries alongside those of Roger, this time invoking The Prisoner of Azkaban, my favorite of the HP movies. Thus the random, compendium of gifs 😉.

Be sure to check out everyone’s answers and join in the fun!

The great Gary Oldman as the “Prisoner of Azkaban” Sirius Black: quite the mugshot, eh?!
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Share Your World 8-10-2020

Oh boy! That boy “Harry Potter” is making his entrance into Melanie’s Share Your World, via special edition: “Harry Potter” themed questions cooked up by Roger Shipp. Let’s go!


Because of the state-wide quarantines many of the local SPCA’s are having an influx of animals. You have decided that you would love to have a new pet. Would you go the normal wizardry route and pick and owl, a cat, or a toad? Or would you become a more eccentric wizard (like Hagrid, the games keeper) and seek out a three-headed dog, a dragon, or a unicorn? Please explain your answer.

Dinosaur Teddy

The Dra-Gon: because deep inside this fearsome exterior is a heart of gold, waiting,

to unleash its awesome powers which are innumerable

and jostle one another for supremacy

until they are needed in the hour of greatest need

against that villainous monster, MALADORK, the unnameable but named all the same.

Neville Longbottom was gifted a Remembrall. This was a glass ball that would assist you in maintaining memories of things that you often forget. What would you want your Remembrall to help you remember?

I would want to remember everything good that I ever forgot.

Also, I would want to remember to feed Dra-Gon.

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Share Your World 7-20-2020

Sneaking my entry in under the wire for this week on Melanie’s Share Your World.


Where Do You Not Mind Waiting?

Almost anywhere. As long as my patience isn’t tested beyond endurance.

But a doctor’s office is the worst. It’s not just the wait, it’s the anxiety. What, you wonder, has she discovered this time? Are my blood test results okay? Any more tests? Ultrasounds? Intracavernous, intramuscular, intrajunctual, intravenal-focal-macular-subjunctal eldritch crepuscular morbidities?

You get the picture.

What Is In Your Fridge Right Now?  (you’re not required to give a comprehensive list)

Food. Perishable items. Cryptic, I know.

If You Could Only Speak One Word Today, What Would It Be?


Would You Rather Be Trapped In An Elevator Full Of Men With BO Or Three Soaked Dogs?  (this is with the codicil that C-19 doesn’t exist)

I’d prefer the dogs, but I’d rather not be trapped anywhere, much less an elevator. Elevators give me the jitters. I keep imagining an earthquake the very moment the doors shut, and me — and the dogs, if you insist — stuck between a crack in the earth and poor cell reception.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Please feel free to share something good about last week.   This is NOT mandatory, it is just if you’d like to.


I’m grateful for fellow bloggers who share their good humor, their talents, their energies in making this world a place worth sharing, specifically this week, encouragement from fellow creative artists and writers. Sláinte!🍻

Share Your World 7-13-2020

SYW pizzashare

Well, here’s my first post for Melanie’s Share Your World — yaay! Thanks, Melanie, for sharing your “safe space.” Also thanks to Alistair for making his “shares” an entertaining feature on his blog for some time. I can’t match his wit and I won’t even try, but it’s fun to do something that brings the world together even in this small way rather than dividing it.

What song always gets you out on the dance floor?

No brainer: Santana’s “Smooth”! Pulls me right out of my seat. I’m not sure I know what the lyrics are saying even.

What’s your favorite sleeping position?

On my side mostly, but these days the rheumatoid arthritis makes sleeping that way hard on my shoulders. 😦

If you could snap your fingers and instantly make the world better, what would you do?

Abolish small talk? 😂 I’m quite the failure at it.

Also abolish Twitter. Now that would be an idea!

Seriously though, there are so many evils in the world and they all begin with the human heart. So I would start there and have everyone granted the vision to see each other as they are, made in the image of God, created to love Him and each other.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done, and why did you do it?

One of the scariest things was when I was a kid walking down a lonely stretch of country road and a pack of angry, barking dogs came running towards me from the side of a farmhouse. I knew if I ran I was done for. So I just kept walking while they circled around me barking furiously. I kept my breathing steady, no sudden movements and kept walking, never meeting their eyes, just looking straight ahead. After about what felt like forever, their owner whistled for them and they ran off. Whew.

Then I walked that road again, and again, always with a bit of dread, I guess to prove to myself that I could face my fears, Who knows? Kids do stupid things! 🙄

Gratitude Moment (optional)

Please feel free to share something uplifting from your life!  


I am so thankful for fellow bloggers who bring so much pleasure to my life through their thoughts and writing. You open my eyes to different experiences and challenges that are so different from my own. Here’s to you folks! Sláinte!🍻

Countless, but Counting Anyway

In Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground, we are told rightly that “if [man] is not stupid, he is monstrously ungrateful! Phenomenally ungrateful. In fact, I believe that the best definition of man is the ungrateful biped.”

True, sadly. It’s the reason we allow life to overwhelm us at times. But what if we learned to be more grateful to God, to count the countless blessings He has given us?

Our joy and peace in Him would overflow. I guarantee we would all be less stressed, more ready to give back to God from all that He has given us.

When my children were little I used to teach them a little song about counting our blessings and naming them “one by one.” I hoped to make this a habit not only to lead to a habit of living life in praise to God and trusting in Him to provide, but also to live life with joy as He intended.

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Memories and Refrigerator Doors

(An ode of sheer gratitude to a wondrous blank space that invites our creative attention) 

Memories and refrigerator doors
Blank spaces covered with magnetic miasma
Of memories old, up and coming, and new,
Now I want to remember you, each one,
Refrigerator doors of bygone days
And the door I opened just today.

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